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Klassische Frikadellen nach Omas einfachem Rezept

Klassische Frikadellen nach Omas einfachem Rezept Meatballs taste warm or cold to all of us and are incredibly diverse because you can vary them excellently. Fluffy, juicy minced meat balls that also taste particularly good to children. Whether with minced beef, classic with mixed minced meat or with poultry, cutlets are always a hit. #frikadellen… Read More »

Omas Schinkennudeln

Omas Schinkennudeln This quick and foolproof recipe always leads me back to my childhood when grandma stood at the stove and the smell of her unique ham noodles wafted through the house. Of course, grandma's ham noodles were better in my memory, but this recipe is almost as good and almost always works. With ingredients… Read More »